Best Stunt Scooter

Once your kids hit about 8 years old then they may start to become interested in a stunt scooter. This type of scooter has been specially designed to with stand the battering that stunt riding will throw at it. When you are getting air off ramps and pulling 360’s you need to know that your scooter isn’t going to let you down and start to crack or snap under your feet. For this reason on a stunt scooter you will find a lot more reinforced components. Commonly the decks can be concave allowing greater control when carrying out tricks. The collar clamps are generally triple or quad clamps making the connection between the deck, forks and bars really robust.

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When you are looking to buy a kids stunt scooter it’s worth asking yourself the question how keen you child is on performing tricks. This is because many kids scooters are able to handle a certain degree of jumps and heavy landings so you may not need to fork out on the best just yet. You may want to consider some of the scooters we highlight on our Best Childrens Scooters page. However, if this is a craze that you think will last then investing in a quality scooter will pay off in the long run. Below we have collated our favourite and most popular stunt scooters.

mgp nitro
MGP Nitro

Madd Gear have now bought out a Nitro Extreme which an even smoother striped down version of the Nitro, but for your money we still favour the standard Nitro scooter. This model has a concave deck which can make controlling the scooter much easier when preforming tricks. It has 1 piece bat wing bars meaning that they are very sturdy, the unique nitro compression system and clamp adding to the robustness of this ride. The wheels on this MGP scooter are slightly bigger than standard at 110mm with metal blade cores meaning you get the ultimate in smooth ride. One sick scooter that will get your kids noticed.

Crisp Ultima

The Crisp Ultima is a highly sought after scooter. It was reduced in price just before Xmas 2012, as Crisp were preparing to bring out their newer higher spec models, and as a result it simply flew off the shelves. A fantastic scooter for the money, but also awesome in looks (it does come in more toned down colours too for the less daring!) The Ultima has 110mm Crisp Contour wheels which have alloy cores, perfect for standing up to the impact of jumps. The deck features a 3 degree concave build helping you to stay in control when performing tricks. It has a HIC compression system with an integrated and fully sealed headset. You will also find that this model has a Double D down tube providing increased weld strength. If you are prepared to blow the budget, the Crisp Evolution at around £200 with it’s CNC’d open head tube, and the Crisp Phantom at £250 with tapered headt tube take stunt scootering on to the next level

grit invader
Grit Invader

The Grit Invader is the crème de la creme from grit scooters. Expect to pay around £200 for this mean looking slick scooter, or £230 for the SCS version. Grit Scooters use a reinforced octagonal downtube on this model creating a super strong design that should withstand a thrashing. With the heat treated 10cm alloy deck, alloy quad clamps and threadless headset you have a lot of quality componants for your money. The wheels as you would expect are spoked alloy core and the cut out head tube for 2013 adds to the funky loko of this scotoer. Both this Invader and the slightly cheaper Grit Mayhem now have the new Grit Flex Brake which is springless meaning less wear and is much quieter than a spring brake.

jd bug pro
JD Bug Pro

JD Bug are probably amongst the most popular scooter brand amongst school kids right now. They are solid looking scooters and JD Bug have a really wide range so you should be able to find what you are looking for but they also have many accessories if you are seeking to customise your scooter. The JD Bug Pro has the best forks on any of the JD Bug models being thicker, stronger and able to handle the impact of heavy landings. Many of the Bug scooters are folding but this one is fixed for more stability. The weight of this scooter is just 2.9 kg and with 100mm SHR Metal core pro wheels with the Pro series graphic on them you will certainly stand out from the crowd.

If you can’t find the ready-made scooter of your dreams at Best Scooters for Kids then you may want to consider creating it yourself. Most of the big name brands sell their components separately so you can build up a scooter from scratch. This may be a more expensive way of doing things but at least you get the stunt scooter you want which will be totally unique and then you can set your own trends.