Best Childrens Scooters (ages 5-8)

At 5 years old there can be a huge diversity in the ability of a child being able to ride a scooter. For some they may be riding a scooter for the first time whilst for others they may already be really experienced and able to balance and co-ordinate themselves on 2 wheels. All of the scooters we highlight on this page are 2 wheeled so should you feel that your child is not quite ready for this yet then take a look at our 3 wheel scooter page for our recommendations.

What to look for in a 2 wheel scooter?

At this stage there will be several points that you may wish to consider when purchasing childrens scooters. Firstly, ask yourself are you likely to have to carry it any distance? Some scooters come with handy carry straps that mean you still have both hands free to hold your children or carry the shopping! The second issue is about space to store your childs scooters. Some scooters have easy fold mechanisms which make storing them a lot easier, particularly if you only have space indoors.
You may also want to think about how active your child is, or is likely to become, when it comes to taking an interest in stunt scooting. Stunt scooters are generally for 8 years upwards but some brands such as Slamm Scooters make a mini stunt scooter which is suitable for 5 years upwards. If your child is really enthusiastic about preforming tricks then it may be worth investing in a slightly better quality scooter early on.

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slamm scooters

Slamm Rage Tantrum

The Slamm Rage was one of the more popular and best stunt scooters in the UK last year so we are delighted to see that they have bought back their awesome Tantrum model which is the same spec but scaled down for 5-8 year olds. With younger riders in mind, the Slamm Tantrum is lighter weight and crucially has bars almost 4 inches shorter than the Rage at 17” x 19.75”. The deck was also a little shorter and therefore easier for smaller children to handle. Apart from that the features are all the same as the Slamm Rage Classic which make it a great little ride. Perfect for younger siblings wanting a similar ride to their bigger brothers, or any budding stunt rider.

The Slamm Rage Tantrum was discontinued in 2013 but after such high demand they have bought it back and it’s available in 2 colours.


Grit Atom

Grit scooters have been around for a while now and are generally respected as one of the best scooter brands in the UK. Their range of scooters extends from ones that suit the younger riders right through to models suitable for pro riders like the Grit Invader. The Grit Atom was introduced in summer 2014 and is their smallest scooter yet. Perfect for younger riders wanting a stunt scooter look, the bars on this model are 500mm high so much shorter than most stunt scooters meaning that riders between the ages of 5 and 8 years old can still keep control of it.

Another great feature of this scooter is that it’s only 3.3kgs in weight, which makes it one of the lightest stunt scooters around. This model is sturdy enough to be used in the skate park so is great if you have a child that likes crashing about and trying out trick. With an RRP of £60 and a choice of 6 colours to choose from this model is a great bet.

jd bug original
JD BUG Original

The original JD Bug and some might say still the best kids scooter out there. This model comes with the original patented easy fold system which is a great bonus for storing and carrying, but if your child moves on to jumps and ramps and wants to make the scooter a little more robust you can buy an attachment to fix the folding mechanism. At around £50 this is a solid reliable scooter and what’s more it comes with a carry strap helping you out when your child’s legs begin to ache.

The wheels on this model are 5inches and the spring loaded brake also acts as a real wheel guard. Lightweight and with the JD Bug grip tape this is a model your child will be proud of.

razor kick
Razor Kick scooter

This is the original sports kick scooter from Razor scooters. This model is built from aircraft-grade aluminium and should stand up to use and abuse over the years your child will ride it. This model also comes with an easy to fold and carry system with a sleek design. The wheels in the Razor kick are bigger than most at 125mm and are designed for a smooth fast roll. Bags can be bought separately to carry your scooter and the maximum weight limit on this model is 50kg. This is the cheapest model we highlight on this page at around just £25. The Razor Spark kick is a similar scooter but features a sparking cartridge that fits near the back wheel and when pressed makes an awesome sparks out of the back of the scooter. This is marketed at the slightly older rider but as soon as your kids see this you know its what they will want!!

At Best Scooters For Kids we aim to take the hassle out of buying Childrens Scooters. With years for experience in buying them for our own extended families we hope you find our pages useful learn a thing or two about scooters on the journey.